The bankruptcy of $ 150 billion dollars, added to the $ 95 billion for damages suffered by hurricanes and an operational budget needed for an additional $ 100 billion for the next decade, totaling $ 345 billion, suggest that the United States it will give independence to Puerto Rico, or, it will cede its sovereignty to Spain or the Dominican Republic.

119 years after the Treaty of Paris, which enabled the transfer of ownership over Puerto Rico from Spain to the United States, the American nation is in a maze of how to finance these obligations, and other, much more complicated. This forecast and outlook is partly a direct result of the diligences of the wealthiest family in the United States, the Succession Basilio López Martin, who before the American Treasury (IRS), has claimed the complete ownership of the Island since 1750, lodging astronomical financial losses in excess of $ 600 trillion dollars against the federal government and all multinational companies with operations and / or sales on the Island.

By virtue of said title, damages and the right of accession, all the Puerto Rican national gross product belongs to them each year. This entity, in addition, has offered to the White House to pay the debt of Puerto Rico and the Nation ($ 20 trillion) in exchange for resolving this issue. Governor Ricardo Rosselló is a direct descendant of that family from his mother and former PR first lady, Maga Nevárez.

Grupo Ferré Rangel, which operates the local newspaper El Nuevo Día, continues concealing these facts, and many others, announcing urban projects without real estate titling related to multi-trillion mortgage fraud scheme orchestrated by development companies dedicated to the constitutionally prohibited business of buying and selling real estate in conspiracy with the white collar criminal banking. The United States is anxiously seeking to reduce its exposure as a criminal and principal co-author of the FHLB entities, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.

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